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Sharing Stories of Rebloom

In addition to being a member of the American Iris Society (AIS), I am an active participant and volunteer in North Carolina Cooperative Extension programs. I completed the NC Farm School program in 2019. Earlier this month, my husband Chris and I hosted a farm visit for another Farm School graduate, her instructor, and a new horticulture extension agent in our county.

Family portrait in field of irises

Our family with reblooming iris 'Mesmerizer'

photo by Grace Kanoy, GeoCore Creative Inc.

Winter is approaching quickly, and Chris and I spent that morning straightening up the kitchen in case we needed to move farm conversations inside. When the visitors arrived, they were met with spring-like conditions, and all enthusiastically wanted to visit the production field for bearded irises. The visit was intended to support a beginning nursery owner, discuss interests, and share experiences in the horticulture business. However, once visitors realized the farm had several irises blooming in mid-November, they lost all thought of business pursuits and became highly interested in these plants. 

One inquired, "Are the irises CONFUSED?" I laughed gently and replied, "No. Those are rebloomers. They are just doing what they do best."


Complete text appears in the World of Irises blog post Growing Irises Our East: Sharing Stories of Rebloom. Heather volunteers as the managing editor of this blog, and it is our pleasure to support the mission of the American Iris Society to organize and share knowledge about the genus Iris.

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