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Growing Irises Out East

Heather and her mother Alleah are pleased to join members of the American Iris Society as contributors for World of Irises. The American Iris Society is a nonprofit that exists for the sole purpose of promoting the culture and improvement of the Iris. The World of Irises blog began in 2011, and is a wonderful resource for beginners to learn more about growing this perennial plant.

The Haley Family at an iris farm in Portland, Oregon
Keren, Heather, and Susan with their mother Alleah Haley at Aitken’s Salmon Creek Garden, Portland, Oregon

As contributors, Heather and Alleah will focus on growing irises on the East Coast of the United States. Many commercial iris farms are located on the West Coast, and this can lead to misconceptions and biases about growing irises in other locations.

While surfing the Iris Lovers group on Facebook, Heather stumbled upon Bryce Williamson’s request for new authors for the World of Iris blog. He especially wanted someone to write about growing irises on the East Coast. She immediately thought, “I could do that!” Her next thought, “I’m sure Mom will help.”

Thus, another adventure begins at the Broley Homestead and we commit ourselves to supporting the American Iris Society in a new way.


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